26 of the Best Unique and Affordable Personalized Gift Ideas in 2021


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I was a kid when the iPod Nano had peaked in popularity. At the time, Apple offered an engraving option where you could put any message you wanted be it a name or initials, a loving note, an inside joke, or really anything on the back of the device. I remember making frequent visits to the Apple website just to experiment with different messages various loved ones might write for me, should they ever decide to generously bestow one upon me. And even though I eventually got one myself sans customization, I was always jealous of friends who had their name or a sweet message from their parents laser-cut on the back. No matter how small, it’s hard to resist a custom-made gift!

Think of the popularity of name plate necklaces, or monogrammed towels. There’s just something so special about getting something made for you and only you. If you’re looking for just the right gift to give for a loved one, or to mark a special occasion, a personalized gift is sure to communicate your thoughtfulness. From jewelry to artwork to kitchenware, you too can find your recipient’s iPod Nano: Something so meaningful, they’ll love and use it for years to come. And luckily for you, we’ve gathered together some suggestions here to make your search a little easier. Read on for 26 of the most unique personalized gifts that money can buy. 

Olivia Bowman

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