DIY Blue Painted Cabinet Redo – Before and After Photos


Perhaps the place where the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” most applies is New York. Moving apartments or making space for new things sometimes means leaving old furniture, artwork, books, and more on stoops, sidewalks, and even in hallways, for someone else to make their own.

This was true for Sabrina Saucier (@mysinteriors) and her now-stunning glass-front cabinet. When Sabrina first happened across the cabinet, it was a dark-stained wood piece that looked a little dated but was still in great condition.

“It was sitting in my hallway for a week before I decided to stick a note on it that said, ‘Didn’t want to knock to disturb you, but is this up for grabs?’” Sabrina says.

The same day, her neighbor knocked on her door — it was officially hers to recreate.

Sabrina was drawn to the cabinet’s shape and detail, but she thought it could use a coat of paint to match the style of the rest of her space. “I have a lot of warm neutrals and orange in my bedroom, so this blue really complements the other colors,” Sabrina says of her paint choice, Benjamin Moore’s Old Blue Jeans.

She completed the entire project within her small NYC apartment. “We set up shop in our kitchen,” Sabrina says. “The only setback is that we had to order takeout for a week, and my kitchen was covered in dust, but other than that it was fairly easy to do.”

It took one week to complete the sanding, priming, and painting and another week for the fresh hardware (brass rings and wheel pulls from Amazon) to arrive.

Sabrina’s important reminder for paint projects involving doors is to make sure to take the doors off the hinges first to avoid chipping in the corners. If she could change one thing about her project, it would be taking that step — but overall she’s pleased with her $200 project that adds a trendy pop of blue to her home.

“This is a fun, inexpensive, and eco-friendly way to refresh your space,” she says.

Sarah Everett

Editorial Assistant

Sarah is Apartment Therapy’s editorial assistant. She recently completed her MA in journalism at the University of Missouri and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Belmont University. Past writing and editing stops include HGTV Magazine, Nashville Arts Magazine, and several outlets local to her hometown, Columbia, Missouri.

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